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Polycom RealPresence Group Series Codecs

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Product Description

Video Conferencing Systems

This module will control the Polycom RealPresence Group 300, Group 500 or Group 700 codecs.

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Last Update

TCP/IP Module:
February 18, 2015
RS-232 Module:
February 18, 2015

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Product Reviews

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  1. Bug with directories 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Jul 2014

    I can confirm there is a bug with directories. The directories work fine as long as there are over 20 entries in the address book. Below this value and the simpl+ code does not capture the 'done' string. It is looking for done as the fifth element however if there are less then 20 entries then 'done' is returned in the 4th element.

    The timeout in the address book parser also fails as it is in the wrong place in the code.

    Luckily it has only taken minor modifications to the Simpl+ to crank it into life.

    Overall though, a good module. Considering Polycoms insistence to change the API on a regular basis, especially with the new Group series, it is good to see a workable module.

  2. Cannot get local or global directories to work 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Jun 2014

    Good module overall. Incorporates a lot of functionality for an end user. My biggest gripe is that no matter what I try, I cannot get the directories to populate. It just doesn't work. I've used the demo program that came with the module and it still doesn't work. Not sure what is wrong or what I may be doing wrong.

  3. Getting better 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th May 2014

    After using the 2.4 version of the module (which requires the 4.1.3 version of Polycom software to enable new features) things seem better than the previous reviewer.

    A very annoying issue is that IR Emulation is not complete. The "Menu" button from the remote control is tied to the "Directory" command inside of the module...this pulls up a different screen than the remote (understandable how the icons were confused)...so you have no way of 'emulating' the first or second most used button on the remote, "Menu". (We tried "menu" as the IR Emulation command and it was not recognized. Without that, our ability to replace the remote control from an OSD perspective is severely hampered.

  4. Something not work and need modification 2 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Mar 2014

    When using this v2.2 module (I use TCP/IP), the firmware of Polycom RPG VC need to update, else IR emulation cannot work. However, "Dial" in dialpad/keypad page can make call before firmware update, but can't dial call after perform Polycom RPG firmware update. When troubleshoot using SIMPL debugger, the command transmitted was "dial manual auto [dialstr] h323", reply message from Polycom is "error". I modify the SIMPL+ module to change "auto" to "1024", then it works!

    Another issue is address book (I just tried local) cannot show any string. But when we press the button, it can trigger to dial the contact. I have to send command "addrbook names all" when enter address book page, then press Home (Top) button, so the content/string can be shown.

Previous | Showing reviews 21-24 of 24

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