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User Upload Guide

How to submit an Integrated Partner Module for inclusion on ApplicationMarket.crestron.com

  1. Email a description of the module to ApplicationMarket@crestron.com.
  2. We will send you a submission packet. Complete and return the packet, which must include:
    1. Signed mutual non-disclosure agreement.
    2. A complete help file using the template in the package. (We recommend looking at an existing Crestron module as an example.)
    3. An archive of your complete module, driver, or application (with sample user interface) in either SIMPL or Crestron Studio™. If using SIMPL be sure to add the .VTP and .VTZ files to the archive. The .VTP and .VTZ files will automatically be included when creating an archive in Crestron Studio.
    4. A completed submission form.
  3. Allow approximately 2 - 4 weeks lead time for us to review your module. We’ll provide suggested updates/revisions/fixes, if needed. If there are any necessary changes, resubmit and we will re-test your module.

Once accepted, Crestron will post the module for download at ApplicationMarket.crestron.com. As others use your module, they’ll rate it and leave their comments. So, be sure to check back and see what they think!

Crestron reserves the right to decline posting your module or to remove it at our discretion.